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Market analysis

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A correct marketing decision is derived from an accurate market analysis. So, in your upcoming expansion of the food market, it is the status quo and the future trend of it?
The present situation of puffed snack food
China's modern leisure food began in the mid 80's, on behalf of the "sun" brand products are crispy rice". With the improvement of people's living standards, food structure has gradually changed from the original to the flavor, nutrition and enjoyment. In the 90's, the manufacturers of Guangdong, Taiwan, Fujian, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places to build factories, launched a series of puffed food, domestic equipment manufacturers have also produced a series of puffed food processing equipment, the market began to appear a fixed size. Because of its huge profits, many small enterprises have joined the production team, to promote the continuous warming of the market consumption. By the beginning of 1996, the leisure food sales have been over 6 yuan, the products mainly in potatoes, corn, rice and other raw materials through the extrusion processing of snack foods, with an annual output of more than 2 tons. In 1999 the national market for food and snack food sales reached 54986 tons. At present, only a year of leisure food consumption in Shanghai is 60 yuan, which accounts for a considerable proportion of puffed food.
1, regional distribution

从赛信公司设备销售分布情况来看全国市场以北区(津京冀鲁晋东三省)、东区(江浙沪皖豫)、南区(闽粤湘鄂赣)、西区(川渝云贵陕)来划分。1999年北区及东区在全国膨化休闲食品销售份额均达到30%以上,南区与西区基本一致,南区销售量较之上年略有上升,而西区则有下降。From the game company equipment sales distribution situation of the national market in North (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Lu Jin the northeast), East (Jiangsu, Anhui and Henan), South (Fujian, Guangdong and Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi), West (Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi) division. 1999 North and East in the national expansion of food and snack food sales have reached more than 30%, South and West are basically the same, the southern district sales increased slightly compared with the previous year, while the West has declined.
View of four areas in the most representative of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing have reached more than 20% of the national large-scale city puffed food sales share, the huge market potential as businesses compete. And Guangzhou, Chengdu are shared by 6%. As an active economic and purchasing power of the Guangzhou market because of the unique consumer psychology and consumption habits, only 6% of the market share.
2, sales channels
Included in the rural area villages and towns, the overall market, food shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores and other shops can be divided into three different kinds of formats, puffing food, to eat the grocery store for the sale of the main channel, its market share reached 59%, this characteristic also reflected in all regions of the country market, particularly on the west the area is obvious, in shopping malls supermarkets Yetai more other area behind the west, omnivorous shop sales share has reached 70%. And in the vigorous development of the supermarket of the eastern, supermarkets, shopping malls and omnivorous shop in snack food vendors has been in competing situation.
3, competitive situation
Puffed food processing industry as a mature industry step by step, some large well-known enterprise has set up its own brand, and thus dominated the world. They have certain advantages in capital, production, research and development, sales and other business, the understanding of the market, the degree of competition to understand the more thorough, in a favorable position in the competition. Small and medium enterprises and individual enterprises in the regional market, small and medium-sized cities also occupy a certain advantage, their advantage is through market separation, low wholesale market women create or occupy a place in the market, because this consumer group is still very large.
4, the profit space is still very large
Puffed food is a kind of product which is a kind of product which has a lot of advantages, and the production cost is low, and the production cost is low, and it is still attracting a large number of investors to join the industry. They get the maximum profit through product innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation and other means.
Two, expanding food development direction
In the early ninety, the State Council and the general industry association have promulgated the "national food industry planning" and "light industry 'nine five' scientific and technological development plan and 2010 plan" stressed: as soon as possible to form a complete and reasonable modern food industry system, improve the processing food in the diet than the weight. Focus on the development of nutrition, health, educational, and extended decline of maternal and child food, food, food, food, health food, health food. To develop a series of convenient food, fast food, and give full play to the role of science and technology, in accordance with the high yield, quality and efficiency of the development direction, and strive to improve the conversion cost of resources and production efficiency.
With the increase in the income level of the Chinese people, the door to eat in the emergence of "three low and two high" low fat, low salt, low sugar, high vitamin, high fiber consumption trends, leisure food is no exception.
The characteristics of puffed food is determined by its own characteristics, which is the popular and leisure food. At present, the expansion of leisure food has been increased by the amount of growth, in the face of the fierce market competition, product life cycle is shortened, consumer psychology is becoming mature.
1, the breakdown of the market highlights personality

随着公众假日的增多(一年至少有115天是双休日、公休日),生活水平的提高,这就给休闲食品带来无限商机。With the increase of the public holiday (a year at least 115 days, weekends and public holidays), the improvement of living standards, which gives leisure food bring unlimited business opportunities.
Puffed snack food is not only a food for young children, but also should become the food of the public. The snack food is the main consumer group is children, products are mostly in the packaging or shape some Kung Fu or tried to expand the advertising, and according to the characteristics of different types of consumers is obviously inadequate, leisure food consumers did not seem to significantly specific consumer groups, many manufacturers products under the banner of "ages". As a matter of fact, ages may is both the old and the young, appreciate, an array of shelves, but consumers still think is not suitable for their own things, although an endless stream of new products, but mostly just the coquettish 12 years. "
Leisure food is considered to be the actual market hot products 21. Therefore, in addition to increasing the product development, the shape of the packaging, and the development of health care functions, according to the needs of different consumer groups, "sub formula" design of the elderly, young, students, children, office workers, visitors, bar, family, and other different nutritional value, edible method, the pursuit of a clear expansion of leisure food.
2, enrich the flavor of varieties
In different regions, food culture and eating habits are very different, it is difficult to be unified, that should inherit the traditional taste, but also to the new, strange, different direction of development. To develop a personalized product that is suitable for use in different regions and different groups of people.
The snack food seasonings is fruity, nutty taste, flavor vegetable, seafood taste, meat, milk flavor, play seven series of more than 300 varieties.
Through redeployment, in tune, redeployment and internal phase modulation with different adding ways, puffed food incense head to make good, after taste, more realistic.
Today, people can see a large variety of puffed food at any place in the market, 20 years ago is not the case. It can be said that the food we need to eat in the next 20 years, there are 50% not to be developed, in twenty-first Century is the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century. With new materials, new technologies, new processes continue to emerge, extrusion expansion of food will be a market for a more vigorous industry.

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