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Shandong Luerya puffing machinery has been well received by customers

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Cereal porridge fast food is a typical example of the application of extrusion

Nutritional rice flour (rice flakes) food technology and equipment
Cereal porridge fast food is a typical example of the application of extrusion puffing technology, which successfully revolutionized the traditional fast food manufacturing process. The use of extrusion puffing technology to process cereal flakes foods avoids many of the limitations of the old process, does not require expensive equipment, and does not require a boiler. The production process is continuous and there is no waste water and waste. The multifunctional and convenient rice porridge production line developed by Luerya Company has reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation, and convenient operation and maintenance. The main feature of this production line is that the traditional rice porridge production process is greatly simplified. The cereal porridge equipment designed by extrusion technology can accept different materials and produce cereal slices in different formats. For example: corn flakes, rice flakes, millet flakes, oat flakes, and flakes made by mixing two or more ingredients. The process can be used to produce various flavors of instant nutritional cereals, corn, eight-treasure porridge, instant rice, nutritional granules and other convenient foods popular in the market. This product has a long-time foaming paste and smooth taste, and is suitable for family breakfast and travel fast food. Ideal food.
Shandong Luerya Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Luerya Machinery Shandong Luerya Machinery Luerya Machinery Manufacturing Company) is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, and is the executive director of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association. Director unit, president unit of puffed food and machinery branch.
The company has experienced management personnel, engineering and technical personnel and well-trained technical personnel, and often conducts technical exchanges with counterparts around the world, introduces advanced technologies and processes, and forms a strong technical guarantee system.
Since the beginning of the company, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "common development with customers", upholding the attitude of operation, good reputation, high quality and perfect service. No matter whether it is in production, sales or after-sales service Zhongdu implements strict quality management, taking the opinions and needs of customers as the basis for developing and improving products to achieve customer-satisfactory quality levels.
As a manufacturer of extrusion puffed food machinery, Ruerya has been committed to the development and research of extrusion puffed food technology and equipment for more than ten years. It has successively developed and developed extrusion puffed food production technology and equipment, which has now become a domestic Mainly extruded puffed food production equipment manufacturers.
With advanced technology, strict management and perfect service, the company has been highly praised by users at home and abroad, and has achieved very impressive performance. Now it has become a dazzling star among private high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province.

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