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Customer Service

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•Make special design, manufacturing and application test according to your demand, and provide targeted training
•Make equipment configuration, process design and workshop for you.
• Provide on-site guidance and presentation for you in the factory.
• Agent transport, technical personnel to the site for installation and debugging, and training personnel.
•Business personnel provide you with professional consultation on corresponding market information, equipment assembly, process technology, raw materials, packing and so on. aspects of the.
•One-year warranty, life-long maintenance, long-term preferential, supply of spare parts.
Equipment repair and maintenance
•Always check the machine’s connection parts, fixed parts, transmission parts and fasten the loose ones.
• The lubricating oil of reducer should be replaced half a year; after two months’ use of the new equipment, the distribution box should be cleaned up and with lubricating oil changed, and after this should be done half a year. Check the oil pump and confirm whether there is air leakage or block.
• Check whether the drive belt is appropriate.
• Make regular inspection on rotary cut blade’s working condition, and change in time the worn blade in order to affect product molding quality.
•In the work environment, electrical parts should be often dedusted in order to prevent weak electrical contact that causes the machine’s abnormal operation.
•As far as possible reduce the machine’s idle time, keep the screw’s service life, frequently check the noise of distribution box, prevent bearing wear and large clearance operation.
•If the machine is not used for a long time, please make antirust treatment with coating of oil on die body, screw and other parts• The lubricating oil of reducer housing should be replaced half a year.
• Machine belt should be frequently checked, adjust the loose belt, and change in time the damaged one.
• After the appliances are used for a long time, the sensitivity will be affected and should be changed in time to ensure the normal operation of equipment
•Frequently observe cooling system line and confirm that there is no leakage.
•Equipment’s electrical wiring should be periodically checked to confirm that there is no loose wiring head.
• If the machine is not used for a long time, please make antirust treatment with coating of oil on the machine barrel’s inner surface and spindle surface to prevent rust; machine barrel feed port should be closed; spindle should be placed in machine barrel to prevent bending and deformation.
•For the temporarily suspended die, the die head, die body, etc. should be oiled for storage. 

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