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Cereal-corn Flakes P

Cereal-corn Flakes Processing Line

Product Introduction

Corn flakes are high nutritional food for breakfast. Its main material is grain; producing techniques are steam and extrusion two ways. Shapes can be various like balls, slice and even animal shape. Corn flakes contain high level of compound carbohydrates and meal fibre, it also can help human body to absorb vitamin and minerals. The raw materials for producing corn flakes can also mix with coco powder, sugar, honey and maltose etc. People like have corn flaks with milk, coffee, yoghurt and other dairy. Corn flakes are also very good snacks for children. Depends on different flavors, mainly there are natural corn flakes, sweet corn flakes and salty corn flakes.

Equipment Composition

Raw material mixer→Twin screw extruder→Shaking cooler→Air conveyor→Presser→Three layers oven→Material distributor→Air heater→Sugar sprayer→Dryer→Cooler

Technical Parameter:


Installed Power

Actual Power 


Dimension (L*W*H)mm


Twin Screw Processing Line  

130KW 90KW 120-150Kg/h 28x1.2x2.0m

Twin Screw Processing Line 

180KW 140KW 300-400Kg/h 30x1.5x2.0m

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