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Vertical Packaging M

Vertical Packaging Machine for Liquid


This production line is suitable for the packing liquid, the hydrodynamic material, such as detergent, yellow wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, ketchup, peanut thick liquid, jam, hot pepper sauce, thick bean sauce packed in bags.

Main Features:

◆ The production line is fully automated operation, it can achieve product pac- king assembly line work, and improving production efficiency and significantly reduce product cost.
◆ The production line conforms to the food processing machinery's sanitation standard. On the machine, the spare part which contacts with the material and pouch conforms to the standard of food sanitation request on material processing, food health and security guarantee.
Technical Parameter:


Rotary packing machine,liquid(thick liquid)measurement machine

Pouch type 

stand-up bag,Zipper bag,flat bag etc


≤35Bags/Min(The speed depends on the product status and flling weight)

Pouch size

W:100-200mm L:100-300mm Packing weight ≤500ml

Voltage/Total power

三相380V 50HZ/60HZ 2KW Compress air

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