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TWB- I Eight Square
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TWB- I Eight Square Roller

Main Features:
The device is applicable to a wide range can be used for all kinds of extruded snacks and fried snacks in seasoning and coating oil sugar.
◆ Materials will be in the roller automatically through elevator.
◆ There is a flavoring quantity control device on the roller, make sure flavor spread evenly on snacks.
◆ Rotary roller adopts complete molding, no dead angle inside.
◆ Oil spray nozzle can adjust the oil amount, spraying equally.

Technical Parameter:


Installed power



TWS-I 2.2KW 180-250kg/h 3.6x0.9x1.7m
TWD-I 0.75KW 150-200kg/h 2.1x0.7x1.6m
TWB-I 0.75KW 150-200kg/h 1.4x1.1x1.6m

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